Storage Unit Size Guide

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Did you know that picking the right size storage unit is the most common difficulty when renting your first storage unit? Even seasoned storage experts sometimes have trouble determining if the unit they picked is going to be big enough for all of their stuff.

That’s why we’ve put together the below Storage Unit Size Guide. It’s designed to give you an idea of what the different “sizes” mean, like what the unit size is equivalent to and common items that can fit in the unit.

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Unit Sizes Equivalent to: This Unit will hold: Similar to:
5’X5′ (225-250 cu. ft.) 5 by 5 unit Regular Closet, Half Bathroom Personal items such as gardening tools and seasonal décor, as well as clothes, athletic equipment, small tables and chairs, sales rep materials or a few dozen filing boxes. 4 x 8 Moving Trailer
5’X10′ (450-500 cu. ft.) 5 by 10 unit Walk-in Closet Small sofas and chairs, chest of drawers, boxspring and mattress, dining room furniture, totes, boxes and other small-to-medium sized items. Small Pickup Truck
7.5’X10′ (675-750 cu. ft.) 7.5 by 10 unit Home (Small) Office, Large Closet Small studio apartment’s worth of furniture, large boxes and totes, mattress and box spring, a few dozen file boxes, desk, bookshelves, and other medium-sized items. Full Size Pickup Truck
10’X10′(900-1000 cu. ft.) 10 by 10 unit Half of a One-Car Garage, Average-Size Bedroom Furniture in a one-bedroom apartment with appliances, furniture of two suite-sized offices, around 200 file boxes, 3 rooms worth of furniture. 15′ Moving Truck
10’X15′(1350-1500 cu. ft.) 10 by 15 unit Oversized Bedroom Two-bedroom apartment or house, small vehicle or boat, building materials and bulk carpet, small office of furniture and file boxes. 22′ Moving Truck
10’X20′(1800-2000 cu. ft.) 10 by 20 unit Standard One-Car Garage Three-bedroom house of furniture plus many boxes, storage racks with file boxes, small car or boat, construction equipment, and other large items. 24′ Moving Truck
10’X30′ (2700-3000 cu. ft.) 10 by 30 unit Standard Two-Car Garage Four-Five-Bedroom house of furniture, car or truck, large boat, bulky furniture, construction equipment, office desks and filing cabinets, and other large items. 30’ Moving Truck
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