Summer Storage Strategies for Students

female college student with moving box

When you see Spring Break in the rearview mirror, it’s time to think about that summer move. Start organizing now, and you can spend the last few weekends of school lounging in Tannery Park and watching the Cuyahoga roll by. Self storage around Kent State goes fast, so make your plans, and enjoy a smooth transition from student life here to an easy summer back home.

Scout Out Nearby Storage

You want a self storage location that’s close to your dorm or apartment, but consider your budget, storage needs and transportation options. Many sites offer Kent State student discounts, and most allow the flexibility of month-to-month leasing. If you’re not sure about how much space you’ll need, stack everything that’s staying behind against a wall, and give it a quick measure. Are you moving furniture out of an apartment? Ask Storage Zone facility management about deals on truck rentals and drive-up units.

Pack Boxes like a Pro

You can’t move without containers, so pick and pack your boxes like a pro. Keep them all the same size, and fill each one completely. This tactic makes stacking easier and protects your stuff from caved-in lids. Save your books’ spines by storing them horizontally, and spare your back by keeping box weight manageable. Pack heavier items first followed by a few layers of newspaper or bubble wrap. Use brightly colored markers for labeling contents and heavy tape to keep lids securely sealed.

Make Your Space Work

Whether you choose roomy, climate controlled self storage or a small walk-in unit, think backwards as you move everything in. Put boxes with items you won’t need easy access to in the back, and keep clothes and bedding closer to the front door. Resist the urge to stack from floor to ceiling. This gives your stuff breathing room and eliminates the danger of an avalanche. When you’re finished moving in, place cedar blocks around baseboards to discourage pests and keep inside air fresh all summer.

Surprise your folks this year by not moving everything back home and shoving it in the garage. When school starts back up, just swing by your Kent State storage unit at Storage Zone, retrieve your well-organized stuff, and set up for a new semester. You’ll be settled in with time to spare for Art in the Park, so enjoy the festivities knowing that you already have moving strategies ready for next summer’s break. Contact Storage Zone Self Storage today to find an affordable storage unit for your summer break.