How to Store Musical Instruments

Guitars and other classic instruments like these should be properly stored.

The music scene has burst in Akron, OH, giving rise to popular bands playing every weekend at the area venues. Even The Black Keys got their start in Akron, and went on to recording hit albums and performing on television. But when bands aren’t on the road and need somewhere to store their musical instruments, many turn to self storage. But you need to prepare your instrument for its stay in storage, which is why we put together a guide for storing different types of popular instruments.

Using Self Storage for Your Musical Instruments

Woodwinds: Clean your mouthpiece with soapy water, and wipe down your instrument with a non-treated cloth to remove dust, residue and fingerprints. Always keep your woodwind instruments in their cases before placing them in a storage unit. Store the case high on a shelf if possible, and never stack other instruments or storage boxes on top of the case.

Stringed Instruments: Wipe off the fingerprints and residue with a clean cloth, and loosen the tension on the bow. Use a denatured alcohol to clean the hair on the bow, and place your instrument in its case. For instruments such as violins and cellos, never place the shoulder rest in the case; it will scratch the body. Keep it in a separate pouch, and set it next to your instrument in the storage unit.

Brass: Use soapy water to clean the mouthpiece, and make sure it’s dry before putting it in its pouch. You should also wipe off any fingerprints and residue with a cloth before setting the instrument in the case. If you see any dents in the shank or loose or broken solder joints, take your instrument to a professional technician for repairs before storing it away.

Accordions: While not the most popular instrument, accordions are a delicate piece to store. With their fragile interior, it’s important to handle your instrument with care when storing. Always keep your accordion in an upright position to protect the body and to ensure the stability of the interior components. Even in its case, your accordion will suffer damage if it’s placed on its side. The leather reed valves will curl away and ruin the playability.

Convenient Musical Instrument Storage in Akron, OH

Storage Zone Self Storage can help protect your instruments with a climate-controlled unit. With climate control, you don’t have to worry about heat or humidity damage. Visit one of our Akron storage locations for more information about how to get started.