How to Winter-Proof Your Outdoor Items

Outdoor loveseat

Nothing is damaging to patio furniture and other items quite like the Ohio winter. Snow and ice pour down on the area each year as arctic winds sweep in, blowing down patio umbrellas and sending cushions flying across your yard. Springtime is still months away, so it’s not too late to protect your items from further weather damage. Storage Zone in Warren, OH has a few tips for those looking to protect their patio items this frigid winter season.

Winter Storage for Patio Items

Cover the grill

If you haven’t cleaned your grill for the winter season, you still have time to remove dirt, grime, and stuck-on food. Once you’ve cleaned the grill, protect it from the elements with a weatherproof cover. Exposure to ice and snow can damage the internal parts and cause premature rusting. Covering the grill will add a layer of protection until the winter has passed.

Wrap the patio furniture

Most patio furniture is made to withstand the elements such as heavy rain and piling snow. However, it’s still a good idea to protect metal tables and chairs from rust and wooden furniture from rot. Though your furniture may already have a protective coating, you can always spray it with an additional weatherproofing product. In addition, protect your patio cushions and pillows with waterproof covers to keep them from becoming waterlogged or brittle.

Store things in self storage

It’s always best to bring the furniture and grills indoors for the winter season. After all, you probably won’t cook or lounge outdoors until April or May. If you don’t have room in your attic or garage, self storage is the ideal choice for patio furniture and grills. Because storage units come in small and large sizes, you can select one specifically for your patio items and keep things protected until you need them.

Protect Your Patio Items at Storage Zone

As the winter seizes Warren, OH, it’s time to protect your patio items from damage. February might bring us one month closer to springtime, but the winter isn’t ready to let go of our area just yet. Storage Zone has drive-up and climate-controlled storage units available to keep your grill, patio furniture, and other belongings safe from the damaging effects of ice and snow. We’ll help you select the right storage unit to hold your outdoor items until you’re ready to bring things out again in the spring.