Start Your Antique Collection in Medina, OH

A living room full of antique furniture.

Those looking to preserve and embrace the beauty of the past collect antiques. As an antique collector, you learn about different pieces from the past while taking advantage of self storage to easily re-decorate your home,. Whether you’re on the hunt for new furniture or a rare vase, you can start your antique search right here in Medina, OH.

Start Antiquing in Medina

Medina has quite a few antique shops for collectors, including the Medina Antique Mall and the Brothers Antique Mall on Wooster Pike. You can find many antiques at both places. Between 1950s furniture, homemade clocks, framed portraits, and a variety of dinner sets, you’re sure to find something to fit nicely in your home.

How to Find Great Antique Pieces

Antiquing isn’t about just buying a piece. It’s about bringing something into your home that fits your personal style, and the process that it takes to find the perfect piece. It could also be a worthy investment – some items increase in value over time. Before you make a purchase, it’s important to check the item’s construction. If you’re buying a table and chairs, check for loose or wobbly legs. Does the china have visible cracks, and do you notice any stains on upholstery? Damage can drastically reduce an antique’s value. Asking the seller about the piece’s history can also help you make a more informed buying decision.

How to Get a Deal on Antiques

If you want a good deal, shop for antiques at the end of the business day. Sellers are ready to close and more willing to make a sale even if they have to negotiate with you. As with any negotiating, it doesn’t hurt to act casual; don’t show just how interested you are – the seller may not know how great of a gem they’ve got. If you do request a lower price, be positive and respectful. You might get lucky and get a great piece at a much lower price.

Store Your Antiques at Storage Zone Self Storage

If you’re restoring or flipping antiques, you may not want them in the house around kids or pets. Self storage is an option for keeping your antiques in good condition. Furthermore, if you are placing the antiques in your home, you can put your old furniture in self storage until you sell it, donate it, or find another room for it. Our spacious storage units in Medina, OH come equipped with temperature controls, protecting antique furniture from the heat and the cold. You can get storage units in a variety of sizes to fit one item, or dozens of antiques in your collection.