Sandusky Islands: Open for Fun

Ohio beach

When you picture a sunny day in Ohio, do you see sandy beaches, busy ferries, and beautiful islands? You do if you join happy natives celebrating another springtime season of fun in Sandusky, OH. Storage units are used for outdoor gear, boats come out, and warm-weather festivities are officially under way all across southwestern Lake Erie.

Start on the Shore

Every trip to the Sandusky Islands starts in the lively lakeside city of the same name. This is the place to park your boat in self storage through the winter, and it’s the place to break out your gear for springtime water sports. Before you head across the bay, treat yourself to a wild ride at Cedar Point. The historic amusement park first amazed crowds back in 1870, and it’s a sure bet for high-tech thrills today. Find out in person why this lakeside entertainment mecca is known as America’s Roller Coast.

Visit an Island Village

Whether you get there by ferry or cruise your own catamaran to Kelleys Island, be prepared to be welcomed by folks who are rightfully proud of their quaint, friendly village. Lay back with locals on beaches with a beautiful forested backdrop. Inspire your scientific imagination at the island’s Glacial Grooves State Park, and indulge your love of spirits by joining an evening pub crawl. From miniature golf and eclectic shopping to fishing and boating adventures, Kelleys is one action-packed little island.

Celebrate Christmas in July

Whether you call it South Bass Island or Put-In-Bay, it’s the place to be when you want to celebrate Christmas in July. The 8-square mile getaway rivals its cousins in the Caribbean for sun-drenched festivals. The revelry starts in May with an island block party christened the Spring Fling and runs well into fall. When you’re ready to slow down and take a relaxing break, hook up with locals who love the lure of deep lake waters. All summer long, they travel back and forth between storage units in Sandusky and the island’s hottest fishing spots.

Stay Ready Just Around the Corner

Once you’ve explored the main islands off our shores, set your sights on some of our smaller gems. The bay has so many beautiful spots for fishing, boating, and camping. When you keep your gear handy in nearby self storage, Sandusky, OH warm-weather fun is always just around the corner. Our Storage Zone teams are here to help you celebrate another beautiful springtime in on one of Ohio’s favorite adventure spots.