Liven Up Your Living Room With These Layout Tips

Living room, organized with couches and a table in the center

Akron, OH is filled with creative people who want to design their living rooms in interesting ways. Some people focus the living room on entertainment, while others use the space for talking with guests. No matter how you design your living room, it’s important to keep it free of clutter and make it easy to get in and out. Storage Zone Self Storage has a few layout tips to get you started on redesigning your living room this year.

Laying Out Your Living Room

For Media Lovers

For those who binge-watch, designing the living room around the television is the logical choice. Face the couch toward the TV, making it the focal point of the room. Place a long coffee table in front of the couch with two accent chairs or recliners to each side. You can also angle the recliners toward the TV to bring attention to the focal point.

For Conversationalists

Gathering with friends is nicer when you have an intimate space in which to talk. Lay a large area rug in the center of the living room, and use it as a point around which to rearrange your furniture. Place a sectional at one of the corners of the rug, followed by two or three accent chairs facing the couch. A plant, a lamp, and a small table at the center makes for a nice, comfy place for relaxing and talking.

For Loungers

Some people use the living room as a place in which to relax and snooze for a few during the day. If you’re the lounging type, a traditional layout works perfectly. Place the couch along a wall with an end table at each side. A sectional would also work in this layout, allowing you to create seating along two walls with one furniture piece.

Use Storage Units for Excess Clutter

Sometimes it pays to move things out of the living room when redesigning the space. When clutter and unused furniture hinder your vision, Storage Zone has you covered. We have multiple facilities in Akron, OH and storage units of various sizes for storing excess decor, furniture, and other household items. Use self storage to your advantage by storing what you don’t need with us, and make space for the new layout in your living room.