Make the Most of Your Time at Kent State

Kent State students

Don’t let the long hours and excessive studying get you down. Find the time for enjoyment at Kent State while also making the most of your college experience. Attending school gives you a chance to do things outside of college in addition to focusing on the task at hand. Storage Zone Self Storage is here with tips, things to do, and student storage opportunities in nearby Ravenna, OH to make your life easier each semester.

Things to Do Near Kent State

Kent, the city in which Kent State is located, offers many activities for students who enjoys spending time outdoors. If fishing is your thing, head on over to the Cuyahoga River to de-stress and to catch a few fish. You can walk the Freedom Trail and take in some fresh air or hike on the weekend at Towner’s Woods. Whether you’re spending time with friends at one of the cafes or enjoying the outdoors at the nearby Franklin Mills Riveredge Park, it’s good to clear your mind for the next school day.

Tips to Improve Your Studies

Sure, it can seem mind-numbing to sit through an entire lecture, but you won’t have to do this forever. Before you know it, you’ll graduate and become a part of the real world. But if you want to succeed at Kent State and eventually get to that point, take advantage of these tips to put you on the right track:

  • Go to every class. (Otherwise, you could miss something important!)
  • Adjust your attention span to endure long lectures.
  • Study like you really mean it.
  • Remember that you’re in control of the overall outcome.
  • Make practice tests to get ready for the real thing.

Make Yourself More Comfortable

Living in a dorm or sharing an apartment with multiple people can make you feel cramped. If you’re finding it hard to move around in your space, take advantage of student storage at Storage Zone Self Storage. Maybe you want to keep your desk but it gets in the way. Move it to a small storage unit off-site for later use. Perhaps you have too much stuff to move into your dorm. Keep what you don’t need on hand in a small unit nearby for when you really do.

No matter why you need student storage, Storage Zone makes it easy to store your belongings until you need them. If you’re making room in an apartment for the long-term, or you’re heading home every semester, we’ll keep your stuff situated for as long as you need.