The Ins and Outs of Self Storage Insurance

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Whether you’re just downsizing or need to hold on to a few things before moving, self storage in Elyria, OH is a great idea. Now that you’ve put everything away in secure storage units, have you thought about what you need to do to stay prepared in the event of a disaster? Have you purchased an insurance policy?

Why Should I Insure My Self Storage Items?

While your items are locked away in secure storage units, it’s always a good idea to prepare for a few unlikely outcomes, such as damage, fire, or theft. These occurrences are rare, but when they do happen, you need to be able to claim for your losses through a dedicated insurance policy. For example, strong storms are not uncommon in the Elyria, OH area, which could damage storage facilities and the items inside them. Fires can quickly grow out of control and spread across units, and theft (though rare) can have devastating effects.

Wouldn’t My Homeowners’ Insurance Cover Storage?

Homeowners’ or renters’ insurance is a smart move, but it might not completely cover items held in a separate storage facility. If it doesn’t, you could be leaving yourself open to losing your items through damage or other means, and you might not be able to get compensation for the sum of the loss. Some policies may only cover 10 percent of the total worth of your storage items! If you’re storing goods that are worth a significant amount, you could face a real financial loss. Only storage insurance will completely cover the items you’re keeping in a separate, secure location.

Storage Insurance: A Bright Idea

No one wants to lose the things they own and have worked hard for, whether it’s furniture, kitchenware, or other valuables. By getting self storage insurance for your Elyria, OH storage unit, you’ll be protecting yourself and your items. At Storage Zone, we offer dedicated tenant insurance for all our storage customers because we believe that if your items are worth keeping in a storage unit, then it’s only right to insure them.