Your Guide to Storing Collectibles

May the Fourth couldn’t have come at a better time for those who live in Rocky River, OH. This day is dedicated to “Star Wars” and gives people a chance to show their love for their favorite sci-fi franchise. Some people go all out and collect everything from licensed apparel to movie props from the various films. If you’re any kind of collector, Storage Zone has a few tips on how to keep your collectibles stored properly.

Tips for Storing Collectibles

Store them at a constant temperature and humidity.

Fluctuations in temperature and humidity can damage your collectibles. Whether it’s posters or boxed figurines, excess moisture in the air can seep into paper and cardboard and cause wrinkling, wavy edges, and mold growth. Never store your valuable items in the attic or the basement where temperatures and the humidity fluctuate throughout the year.

Keep them away from direct sunlight.

Direct sunlight causes fading and damages everything from cloth to plastic. If you have movie props or other valuable collectibles, you don’t want to store them by windows or in areas with abundant sunlight. Keep your items behind UV-resistant glass if they’re on display, or use blackout blinds in a room where you’ve stored your items.

Protect them in covered bins.

You might only want to show off your collectibles once in a while. When they’re not out for everyone to see, keep them in plastic storage bins with lockable lids. Clear storage bins will make it easy to see the contents inside, and the lids will keep everything secured if the bins accidentally tip over. Plastic bins are also strong and durable, so you can stack them easily in your closet at home or in self storage at your nearby Storage Zone facility.

May the Fourth Be With You

Self storage is the ideal choice when you’re looking for ways to store your Star Wars collectibles safely and securely. There’s no direct sunlight to worry about fading your posters and apparel or pests that could invade the storage units and contaminate your belongings. Our climate-controlled storage units keep everything at a consistent temperature no matter the season in Rocky River, OH.