Easily Declutter Your Home with These 5 Spring Cleaning Tips


Spring in Cortland, OH couldn’t have come any sooner. The snowy days are almost behind us as warmer springtime temperatures move into the area. Although it’s tempting to head outdoors while the weather improves and leave your spring cleaning shores for another day, it’s best to start now and get them over with before the summer arrives.

Home Spring Cleaning Tips

Make A List Before Doing Anything Else

Making a list will help you approach and complete your spring cleaning chores more quickly and efficiently. Write down each room on a piece of paper, as well as everything that needs to be done. It’s much easier if you have an outline to follow when starting the job.

Tackle One Room At a Time.

You’ll have better success if you work on one room at a time. Some people spread themselves too thin and work on several things at once. If you stay focused on one room, you’ll finish it in less time than you think.

Get Rid Of The Clutter

It’s common to collect numerous things and let clutter pile up over the long winter. Take the time to separate the useful items from the useless clutter. Keep what you need, and move the rest to storage units until you know what to do with everything.

Use Natural Cleaners

Residents in Cortland, OH have become more aware of environmentally friendly cleaning products. Use natural cleaners when wiping down countertops and scrubbing the bathtub. Because traditional cleaners contain harmful chemicals, using natural cleaners will not only help the environment but also reduce the risk to your health.

Work Your Way From Top to Bottom

Start by cleaning the room from the top to the bottom. Dust off the tops of counters, including the lights and the ceiling fans. Work your way down to the wall shelves, the tables, and the floor. You’ll only fling dust and debris onto cleaned surfaces if you start with the floor and work your way up.

Self Storage for a Clean Home in Spring

Storage units make the perfect place for storing unused furniture, miscellaneous décor, and other household belongings. Storage Zone is here to make your spring cleaning chores easier with self storage. We’ll help you pick out a unit that keeps your belongings secured until you want to bring them back home, use in a yard sale, or pass along to your friends and family.