How to Decorate and Deconstruct Your Holiday Lights Like a Pro


You will rule your holiday lights this year. The house and yard will become your canvas for creating an unforgettable tableau of brilliant illumination. While neighbors are still sifting through boxes in their storage units, your Cuyahoga Falls, OH home will already be a shimmering showplace. It’s going to happen this year because Storage Zone Self Storage is sharing tips on how to decorate and deconstruct holiday lights like a pro.

Make the House Glow

Lighting up the house turns it into a welcoming beacon, so give it a holiday glow that extends beyond the roof and porch. Outline sidewalks with lights that turn them into safely sparkling paths for nighttime visitors. Showcase collections of snowmen and reindeer with small spotlights on the ground. Holiday lights on your home’s exterior shine brighter when you hang two strands per stretch. Don’t let regular outdoor lighting overcome all your hard work. Temporarily replace porch and security lamps with lower wattage bulbs.

Light Up Trees and Shrubs

Strands of LEDs are an excellent choice for trees and shrubs. Their light weight doesn’t bend branches or complicate design ideas. Trees are easier to trim when you work from the ground up. If you don’t want to go out on a limb; wind lights around trunks to equal heights for a shimmering symmetrical effect. Evergreens are best dressed from the top down in a zig-zag pattern. Most shrubs are a snap to wrap with net lights that toss in place.

Hang Like a Pro

The job usually turns out to be bigger than expected, so give yourself plenty of time. Get an early start, always have someone watch your back when you climb the ladder, and keep these pro tips in your DIY box of tricks.

  • Test lights and attach plastic hanging clips to strands before you start decorating.
  • Know where outlets are, and plan ahead to avoid using extension cords.
  • Measure stretches of roof or railing so you’ll know how many strands you need.
  • As you work, step back and take a look to make sure you’re happy with balance and design.
  • Timers save time turning displays off and on, and that helps save energy.
  • Check out nearby storage units so you’ll have room to stash everything at the end of the holiday season.

Keep Deconstruction Simple

When it’s time to deconstruct your seasonal light show, keep it simple by making it easy on yourself and the decorations. Create inexpensive winding sticks by cutting 12-inch strips from leftover cardboard gift boxes and notching their sides. Secure each strand’s plug in a notch, wrap lights, and hold them in place with rubber bands. Use small tackle boxes for organizing different types of hanging clips and hardware. Pack up everything in lidded plastic bins, and let it all spend downtime safely stashed in self storage.

Share Your Talents

This is the season for giving, so go ahead and share your new lighting talents with the neighbors. Take turns holding the ladder for each other, and start a friendly Santa watch with the neighborhood kids. You have time to spare because you’re on top of the holiday decorating game. Storage Zone is happy to help make it happen with the best self storage in Cuyahoga Falls, OH. Relax, and have an extra cup of eggnog. You deserve it.