How to Create a Wine Cellar in Your Home

A fancy, well-stocked home wine cellar with a table and chairs for sampling

If you live in Elyria, OH and you love wine, you’re probably familiar with the Lorain County wineries. You may have even enjoyed the tours, weekly wine-tasting events and live music at excellent area wineries such as the Klingshirn Winery at Avon Lake or D&D Smith Winery at Norwalk. If Lorain County’s treasures have inspired you so much that you’re running out of space to house your collection, why not build your own wine cellar at home? With a little elbow grease and help from a local storage rental facility, you could keep a generous number of fine wines in their ideal environment and at your fingertips.

An Outline for Creating Your Wine Cellar

If you’d like to build your wine cellar by yourself, HGTV offers detailed instructions and a materials checklist to help you get started. However, if you’re not familiar with construction projects, hiring a general contractor may be a more efficient option. Here is a basic outline of the process to help you decide how you’ll tackle the project.

  1. First, the location of your wine cellar is chosen. When possible, it should be placed in the coolest and most humid area of your home to help reduce your future energy costs.
  2. Next, your concrete foundation is sealed and studs and soffits are installed.
  3. Rough-in refrigeration for your air handler is placed, and refrigeration units are installed either indoors in a mechanical room or outdoors.
  4. Insulation and a vapor barrier are installed while ensuring that there are no air gaps between insulation and drywall.
  5. All holes in studs and joists are filled with penetration sealant to lessen air movement.
  6. Electrical outlets are placed in areas where they won’t be obstructed by wine rack posts.
  7. Walls and ceilings are covered with green board, which is resistant to high moisture levels.
  8. Drywall is painted, and base molding is attached to the front of racking.
  9. Moisture-resistant flooring is installed.
  10. The cellar door is added; this must be made from glass or thermopaned material so that it can maintain the cool temperature of the environment.
  11. Lighting is installed. Thermally fused can lights are recommended.
  12. Built-in or free-standing wine racks are placed and finished.

Out of Room? Our Storage Rental Deals Can Help

Creating your own awesome wine cellar probably means that a few pieces of unused furniture or other belongings from the old room will be cluttering your living space. Don’t worry; you don’t have to kick them to the curb. They can be stored safely in a clean, affordable storage unit. Storage Zone offers storage units with truck rental options, so you can transport and store your old belongings with ease. They’ll stay safe and secure until you need them. Contact us today to learn more about our great deals on storage units with truck rental in Elyria, OH.