Choose a Kayak For Your Personality

Group of Kayaks in the water fresh out of self storage

Doors are flying open on storage units all around East Liverpool, OH as folks get their favorite water toys ready for the season. Spring breezes whisper through maple trees, white-tailed deer nibble on wildflowers, and the paddling is easy over at Beaver Creek State Park. You’ve always dreamed about navigating the waters with a kayak, so make it happen this year with a model that fits your outdoor personality.

Always Relaxed

You love wandering through the park’s Wildlife Center. You’d rather take pictures of the river’s rocky cliffs than climb their heights. Your outdoor personality prefers laid-back adventures, so match that relaxed mind-set with a recreational kayak. This model is designed for easy use and features a large cockpit with plenty of leg room. If you’re a first-timer, a recreational kayak is very forgiving. If you love to fish, it’s stable enough for casual casting.

Born to Roam

That 7-mile stretch of whitewater just east of Liverpool keeps calling your name. You were born with the heart of an explorer, and you’re partial to sleeping under the stars. It’s all about the adrenaline rush, so get excited about Beaver Creek adventures in a touring kayak. You want a craft that can go the distance and handle rough water. This kayak model also features sealed storage hatches, so you can load up gear for a weekend camping trip.

Purely Playful

All you want to do is have plenty of fun. You want something that’s easy to enjoy, and you like the idea of spreading out. You get it all with a sit-on-top kayak designed with the stability of a sealed hull. Molded depressions in the top surface provide comfortable seating without the confines of a traditional cockpit. You can stand up and swing a fishing pole or splash down into the water for a swim. This model fits playful kayakers of all sizes.

Whichever kayak you choose, we know that you’ll have a wonderful time exploring Beaver Creek this year. The scenery is gorgeous across more than 2,700 acres of park land, so set your sights on the best rivers and trails in the Appalachian Highlands. When it’s time to navigate your gear into self storage, we’re here for you at Storage Zone with solutions that always fit your favorite outdoor adventures.