The Brecksville Reservation: An Ohio Hiker’s Paradise


Brecksville Reservation helps make Brecksville, OH what it is, attracting people from miles around to its vast forests. It’s part of Cleveland Metroparks and provides numerous outdoor activities for both children and adults to enjoy. If you have yet to visit this sprawling park, Storage Zone wants to give you a few reasons why you should explore the surrounding wilderness, as well as how our storage units can benefit your outdoor adventures.

What Is the Brecksville Reservation?

The Brecksville Reservation is the largest park in the entire state of Ohio. It has more than 3,000 acres featuring various fields, forests, and river plains. The Chippewa Creek weaves its way through the park and supports a variety of wildlife in the area.

Things to Do at Brecksville Reservation

If you’re an avid hiker, you’ll feel right at home here. The park has multiple hiking trails on pavement and soil through the forests. Red Trail is four miles long and provides quite a workout thanks to its changing elevations. You can also take Yellow Trail through the woods and head down to the creek bed, a nice place for soaking your feet. There’s the Nature Center, plenty of picnic areas, and loads of kayaking opportunities.

Useful Equipment to Have for Outdoor Fun

Bring your mountain bike for recreational fun along the trails. If you’re a hiker, fill your backpack with food and supplies for the long trek. Don’t forget to bring your camera for taking pictures of the surrounding trees, birds, and flowers. Those who enjoy being on the water should bring their kayaks and other equipment for traversing the creek. Whether you’re looking for some quiet time to yourself or a hike with friends, Brecksville Reservation provides something for everyone.

Self Storage for Your Recreational Equipment

If you need extra space for storing bikes, kayaks, or hiking gear, our storage units provide more than enough room for your equipment. The Brecksville Reservation in Brecksville, OH has numerous trails and natural wonders to explore. When you’re done adventuring in the Great Outdoors, use self storage at Storage Zone to keep all of your gear secured and ready to for the next visit to the park.