Resolve to Declutter in the New Year

declutter your home

The New Year has arrived here in Elyria, Ohio. If you’re like most people, by the time 2016 starts, your home storage will be cluttered with boxes of ornaments, out-of-season clothing and all the gadgets that were replaced by newer, more modern gizmos. If your idea of organizing is to jam everything into the closet, Storage Zone has a better solution for your post-holiday clutter.

Why Storage?

Elyria storage units are the perfect place to store items that you won’t need until next year’s holiday season rolls around. Even the largest home can use more storage space, especially for those things that you need immediate access to year round, such as holiday decorations, summer clothing and summer sporting goods.

Safe & Secure

Storage units can also handle bulky items that are taking up space in your garage. You can put your motorcycle, Jet Ski, bicycle or just about anything in self-storage. Not only will your items be safe, but they’ll be protected from outside conditions so they’ll stay in tip-top shape. You can safely store antique cars or valuable collections that require a climate controlled environment, like stamps, coins, books, magazines or your old vinyl record collection.

Evaluate Your Space

The first step to de-cluttering your home is to evaluate what is in the way. Sometimes we can get so used to clutter that we barely recognize its existence. Step back and really check out each room. Do you have a treadmill you haven’t used in months? Is your grandmother’s table in the way? Have your kids left the house but left their furniture behind? Maybe it’s time to do a deep clean and purge your home of all the untouched items. This will de-clutter your home but also give you the opportunity to fill it with furniture, items and décor you will actually use and appreciate.

Kick Back and Relax

An uncluttered home promotes a serene atmosphere. Take charge of your life this New Year. Resolve to declutter your home so you’re able to enjoy it more. A self-storage unit is an inexpensive, secure way to rid your home of items that are in your way. Your family will thank you and you’ll be so glad you took the time to do it. Contact your local Storage Zone facility today to find the unit for you.