Preparing Your Storage Unit for Sweater Weather

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School is starting soon, and in the whirlwind of summer’s end, time goes by quickly. Before you realize it, cold weather will tighten its grip on Warrensville Heights, Ohio, and you’ll be faced with the tasks of coordinating your winter wardrobe and putting your summer items back into your Warrensville Heights self storage unit. Your sweaters, Christmas ornaments and snow plows await your return. If you prepared and organized them properly, your essential winter needs should be in pristine condition.

Utilizing Winter Self Storage

Storing your summer goods is much better than cluttering your yard or filling your garage and basement with cumbersome pool toys and sports equipment. After you take your holiday decorations and electric blankets out of your unit, and get ready to replace them with barbecue grills and badminton sets. Take a few minutes to prepare your items properly and winterize your unit. Be sure your summer items are completely dry before storing them. Pool toys and floats should be completely drained and deflated, and outdoor cooking equipment should be clean and free of ashes and grease. If you’re storing patio furniture, cover any fabric cushions with plastic wrap or sheets to help them stay clean.

Tips for Winterizing Storage Units

Like all buildings, Ohio storage units should be optimized for winter. If you have a climate controlled unit, you may not need to do anything as temperature and moisture is already monitored. If you are renting a standard unit, the following tips may help.

  • Do a quick interior and exterior inspection of your unit to look for evidence of water infiltration.
  • Sweep the interior of the unit while it is empty, and check for any unusual conditions.
  • Although you can’t add insulation to the walls of your unit, you can insulate the items you’re storing by wrapping them in paper or fabric.
  • Replace any storage containers that appear to be cracking; low temperatures can weaken them further and ultimately put your belongings at risk.
  • Ask the storage facility manager if there is anything specific you need to know before storing your summer items.

Get a Head Start on Winter Storage

If you have items you want to store, don’t wait until the winter cold makes transporting them more difficult. Check with your local Storage Zone facilities to see which standard or climate controlled units are available, and spend your time in front of a roaring fire instead of an annoying pile of boxes.