How to Host a Book Drive in Streetsboro, Ohio

Host a Book Drive

Streetsboro, OH is called the Gateway to Progress, and one of the most important keys to progress is education. Several holidays in April focus on libraries, books and education. One great way to celebrate them is to host a book drive. To observe School Librarian Day, Library Week or even National Poetry Month, why not honor the spirit of the city by donating books to children in need? All you need is spare time, a few volunteers, a little planning and a clean storage unit to keep everything organized. If you’ve never hosted a book drive, the following tips can help you get started.

Host Your Own April Book Drive

  • First, build a network of volunteers, and choose locations where you’ll be collecting books. Offices, retail stores, churches and schools are ideal.
  • Assemble your team and organize your logistics. Determine how long the book drive will last and what is expected from each volunteer.
  • Determine what types of books you will accept. Your local library may have a list of recommendations for the age group that you’re targeting.
  • Place your collection boxes in highly visible areas, and be sure they’re well-signed.
  • If everything goes well, you may have tons of books on your hands, so you’ll need extra space to store them and keep them safe from harm. A climate-controlled storage unit is the ideal solution. Inside a secure unit, they won’t be ruined by extreme temperatures, excess humidity, mold or insects.
  • Spread the word about your book drive. Place an announcement in the city newspaper, or ask local television or radio stations to cover your event. Post details about your drive on social media sites and local message boards.
  • Make flyers, and hand them out at busy locations. Be sure to obtain permission to do so.
  • Host a kick-off party. Ask attendees to bring along one book to gain entry.
  • At the end of your book drive, count and sort your books. Report the totals to your team, and thank them for their efforts.
  • If you need information about national or local book donation organizations, contact the American Library Association.

A Storage Zone Storage Unit and Truck Rental Makes It Easy

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