Get Your Thesaurus Ready for National Novel Writing Month in Avon

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As you read a favorite book under a towering maple tree in beautiful Miller Preserve, the inspiration is unmistakable. This is your year. You really can knock out 50,000 original words in just 30 days. Don’t even think about procrastinating because November is National Novel Writing Month. Get all those literary draft notes out of your Avon, OH, Storage Zone self storage facility, and prepare to conquer NaNoWriMo 2016.

From 21 to More Than a Million

NaNoWriMo’s origins are so unlikely that they seem like fiction. The truth is as simple as one creative writer firing up an online project in 1999 that spread like digital wildfire. San Francisco’s Chris Baty connected with 21 other writers that year. Today’s participants reach around the globe and number more than 1 million aspiring authors. This isn’t an ordinary competition. As long as you set your goal and meet your word count, you’re a bona fide winner.

Becoming an Official Wrimos

The point of NaNoWriMo is beautifully simple. Start writing, stick with it, and don’t stop until you hit 50,000 words. If you’re inspired by antiques in your family’s storage unit, write a saga about collecting Victorian sofas. Turn your love for fan fiction into a devotion to writing delicious dramas that you’ve dreamed up all by yourself. As long as you put your heart into the project for 30 days and turn it in on time, you become an official Wrimos. Explaining that designation to friends is the frosting on your creative writing cake.

Support, Connections and a Little Privacy

Can you do this alone? Of course, but why not enjoy a little support? NaNoWriMo’s website lays out the essentials from registration to earning badges and connecting with published authors. Our Avon branch of the Lorain Library System hosts monthly writers’ groups where you can compare notes with other soon-to-be famous locals. If you prefer peace, quiet and complete privacy for pounding out that 50,000 word count, just set up a desk-and-lamp workstation in your climate-controlled storage unit.

We know that you’re ready to go deep into the creative zone, so Storage Zone stands ready to help you organize all your most amazing words for this year’s NaNoWriMo. If you find yourself weaving tales about modern mysteries and hidden treasures in Avon, OH storage units, we want to hear all about it. Our modern facilities are always open to organizing your best ideas anywhere in Lorain County.