Deciding What to Store

clear clutter sign

It’s stressful to live in a cluttered home, so it pays to occasionally go through the place finding items that you can throw away, donate or sell. Along the way, you’re sure to find things that don’t fall into those categories, but that you don’t really need to keep handy, either. With Storage Zone Self Storage in Cortland, Ohio, you can free up space without having to get rid of these belongings permanently. Before renting storage units in Cortland, you should have a clear idea about what you’ll be storing. You’ll easily figure that out after going through the items in your home.

Sort Your Items

Get the whole family in on the act by having each person find things that can be thrown away. If necessary, rent a dumpster to quickly get rid of it all. These should consist of items that aren’t in good enough shape to be sold or donated. Once this step is complete, you should already be well on your way to a less cluttered home.

Next, find things that are valuable enough to be worth selling. When the time comes, you can hold a garage sale. Another option is to sell them on eBay. The proceeds from your sales could even help fund storage units in Cortland!

Finally, round up items that aren’t likely to sell in a yard sale, but that are still in good enough shape to be useful to someone. These types of things can be donated, but you should probably call your location donation center ahead of time to make sure. Don’t just drop off a large pile of unwanted things.

Store the Rest

At this point, you should be left with things you actually want and need to have around, and things that you’d like to hold onto but don’t need to have on hand. The latter category can and should be packed away using self storage in Cortland, Ohio. This is especially useful for large items like furniture, but you can store pretty much anything at a self storage facility, so don’t hold back. By the time the process is complete, you will have a less cluttered, more comfortable home once more. Storage Zone Self Storage offers storage units in a variety of sizes. Contact Storage Zone today and start decluttering your home!