Celebrate Old Stuff Day – The Ideal Time to Declutter

pile of organized old stuff

By now, every day of the year has been designated as a day to honor something. Old Stuff Day is March 2, which is a fun excuse to recall happy memories by browsing through old, sentimental belongings. While there’s no harm in holding on to certain items for sentimentality’s sake alone, old things can start taking over a home before too long. With that in mind, why not celebrate Old Stuff Day by not only reminiscing but by also clearing away things you really don’t need anymore? That often means throwing stuff away and/or selling it, but there’s another option to consider: Storing unneeded items with sentimental value in Storage Zone Self Storage in Mentor, OH and the surrounding area.

Celebrate Old Stuff Day by Clearing Away Old Stuff

It’s amazing what a hold old items can have on us. That old blanket your child toted around everywhere isn’t doing anyone any good now that he’s driving, but parting with it can be emotionally wrenching. In many ways, throwing away sentimental items feels like throwing away good memories. By opting for storage in Mentor, OH instead, you can clear old, unneeded things out of your home without parting with them for good. After all, do you really need to keep those things immediately at hand? Simply knowing they’re in the vicinity and can be visited whenever the mood strikes should work well too.

What to Store on Old Stuff Day

To prepare, find self storage in Mentor, OH ahead of time. That way, you’ll have no excuse not to pack up old things and remove them from the home. Of course, it’s probably best not to use the self storage as a junk drawer of sorts. Be discerning about what you keep. You’re sure to find that many items can safely be sold, donated or even thrown away. Before selling, donating or pitching anything, take a photo of it. You can always look at the photo when you are feeling especially sentimental.

For more valuable items, Storage Zone Self Storage in Mentor, OH and the surrounding area is the way to go. Rent a unit today and enjoy the best of both worlds.