Celebrate National Craft Month by Brewing Your Own Beer

Pint of Beer and Hops

If you’re not a fan of scrap-booking or turning old wood pallets into furniture, you may think that National Craft Month holds nothing for you. However, brewing craft beer is technically an art of its own, and in Cleveland, OH craft beers are a city favorite. From ingredients to storage rental tips, we’re giving you a great overview of what you’ll need to celebrate National Craft Month in a way that you’ll love.

Basic Craft Beer Shopping List

  • One-step sanitizer
  • Fermenting bucket
  • One 5-gallon brew pot
  • Airlock
  • Long-handled spoon
  • Bottles and caps
  • Bottle capping device
  • 2 ounces Centennial hops
  • 1 ounce Amarillo hops
  • 6 gallons purified water
  • 1 package Irish Ale yeast
  • 5 pounds pale malt
  • 1 pound crystal malt
  • 1 pound toasted malt
  • Priming sugar

Five-Stage Home Brewing: A Quick Overview

The following outline will give you an idea of what is involved in making your own craft beer at home. For detailed instructions, brewing tips and more great recipes, visit Craft Beer at Home.

  1. Boil malt and hops together with water for an hour; this will sterilize the extract and release the bitter taste from the hops. To add color and enhance flavor, steep grains in the mixture before boiling.
  2. Cool the hot mixture or “wort” to room temperature. Siphon it into the fermenter, and add water to achieve a five-gallon batch size. Add yeast to start fermentation. Use your airlock to seal the fermenter; this prevents bacterial contamination. Allow your beer to ferment for about two weeks.
  3. Once your beer is fermented, siphon it into another container, and mix in your priming sugars.
  4. Siphon your beer into individual bottles, and cap using a bottle capping device.
  5. After bottling, your beer will need to age for two to six weeks. During this time, the yeast will ferment the sugar to further enhance the flavor and create carbon dioxide, which will make your beer bubbly. Your homemade beer may take several months to reach peak flavor, but you can give it a try in about a month.

Use Self Storage to Clear Out Space for Your Home Brewery

If you’re making a large batch, you may want make room in your house to store the beer while it takes time to ferment. Make sure the area has a steady temperature, unlike basements or attics, because weather extremes could sabotage your brew. If your home is already filled to the brim – no worries! Get a nearby storage unit to make space in your home without having to say goodbye to the things you love. When you’re ready to create your own craft beer and need more space in your home, contact Storage Zone for an affordable, clean storage unit. Cheers!