Brush Up on Your Storage Insurance Knowledge

man holding insurance form and pen

Like many people, you may assume that your renter’s insurance or homeowner’s insurance policy covers belongings that are kept in your Ohio storage units. Not so fast – that isn’t always true. Terms vary from policy to policy, for starters. Also, certain items may be excluded from coverage, which could result in a very unpleasant surprise. To avoid such surprises, brush up on your storage insurance knowledge before using self storage in Ohio again in the future.

Don’t Storage Facilities have Insurance?

Most businesses maintain various types of insurance. Self storage facilities are no exception. However, the insurance they maintain doesn’t typically extend to customers’ belongings. Therefore, if something happens to the stuff in your Ohio storage units – whether it’s an “act of God” like a flood, theft or some other unfortunate occurrence – you may be out of luck if you don’t have a separate storage insurance policy. With these points in mind, there’s no point in inquiring about a facility’s insurance status. It simply doesn’t apply to the items you are going to store.

What About Renter’s and Homeowner’s Insurance?

Some renter’s and homeowner’s insurance policies do, indeed, include limited coverage for items that are stored outside of the home. There’s usually a ton of fine print to wade through, however, and the truth of the matter is it’s all too easy for insurance providers to find loopholes in order to avoid paying claims. If you can’t afford to lose your stuff, don’t rely solely on those policies. At the very least, call your insurance agent to find out whether your stuff will be covered while using self storage in Ohio.

Storage Insurance is Affordable

When in doubt, it’s always best to go ahead and get storage insurance. People often balk at first, but they tend to feel better after finding out how affordable it is. Storage Zone Self Storage offers affordable rates in general, so it doesn’t usually cost a lot more to tack on insurance. The peace of mind that such additional insurance affords makes it more than worth it, so be sure to ask when renting a storage unit. Storage Zone Self Storage partners with a third party insurance provider to supply tenants with affordable storage insurance options. Contact Storage Zone today to find out more about our storage insurance policies.