5 Ways to Make Your Dorm Room Yours

smiling college student

Northeast Ohio is home to everything from small private liberal arts colleges to community colleges to large state universities. Students want to leave their mark when they go off to college, and it starts with their dorm room. Storage Zone wants to share these five ways to make your dorm room – yours.

Washi tape for everyone

We love washi tape – there’s really no way not to! Washi tape is the most multi-purpose crafting tool we’ve ever encountered, and you can use it to decorate your room. Apply your favorite color or pattern to your bland dorm room blinds to add a bold pop of color. It doesn’t end there though! You can apply it to picture frames, mirrors, walls, doors, ceiling fans – pretty much any surface you can think up. There are so many options that you’ll be able to find the one that best matches your own personal style. Check out this list of creative ways to use the magic that is washi tape.

Display memories

Adding pictures to your walls is one of the easiest, cheapest, and most personal ways to decorate a room. Try something a little more creative than just tacking them on your wall though. Incorporate some string and clothespins, or even pull out the ol’ washi tape. Maybe outline a shape on your wall and fill it in with all of your favorite memories in picture form. Don’t feel like you have to stop at pictures, either! There are so many awesome online printables out there waiting to be put on your wall for inspiration. Whether it’s a cereal box, tickets to the best concert you ever went to, or a magazine spread that you feel represents your style – hang it up.

Add some greenery

Adding some plants or flowers to your dorm room can have a profound affect. It’s capable of making your room feel more like a home. Plus, it gives you something to take care of and watch grow. Check out this blogger who shares some of your best dorm room greenery options.

Keep things light

Many times the lighting in dorm rooms can bring your mood down. Add a warmer feel by creating new light sources. Bring in a floor lamp, desk lamp, or string lights. Try to avoid holiday-looking string lights and opt for the globe look instead. These add cool accents to your room, instead of looking like you forgot to take your winter decorations down. Not only will new lighting make your room feel more open and inviting, but it makes things more convenient when your roommate is trying to sleep and you’re still up drowning in studies. The more light options – the better.

It’s all in the details

The best advice we can give to new dorm room residents is to keep it simple. Having an organized life starts with an organized room. Luckily, nearby self storage is on your side. If you head to your Northeast Ohio school and realize you packed more things than could possibly fit in your space, Storage Zone can take it the weight off your shoulders. Going to school should be a time of fun and growth, and sometimes going home to a negative and cluttered room can be a wet blanket on your experience. By keeping things simple, you’re able to bring items into your room that you really love.

You’d be surprised how subtle pops of style can really come together to represent you. Jump into the new school year with the confidence to express yourself, even when it comes to your dorm room. If your room is overwhelmed with clutter, contact Storage Zone so we can help make your room – and school year – the best yet.