5 Tips for Packing Your Moving Truck

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Whether you’re moving to Akron, OH for the first time or just migrating to a new apartment or a house in the city, moving your stuff sure is easier with a truck rental. Hauling large boxes, mattresses and furniture takes a lot of work if you use multiple cars or a standard passenger truck. With a moving truck, you can transport your belongings all at once depending on the truck’s size and how well you pack everything in it. Storage Zone shares five ways to packing a moving truck like a pro.

5 Ways to Pack a Moving Truck Like a Pro

1. Load the largest boxes first

By packing the largest boxes first, you’re guaranteed to have room for them in the truck. Set the biggest, heaviest boxes against the back wall, and stack the rest of the boxes on top in the order of largest to smallest.

2. Slide mirrors and glass between the mattresses

Fragile items like mirrors and table glass require special care when moving. After vertically sliding the mattresses into the truck, wrap the glass in a thick blanket, and slide it between the mattresses. Using this packing method adds extra protection and maximizes your space.

3. Distribute the weight evenly

Driving a moving truck doesn’t require extra skill, but it’s a more difficult vehicle to control if all the weight sits on one side. When packing the truck, make sure to load the heaviest items against each wall, forming a U-shaped space in the middle. You’ll distribute the weight easier this way and create an open area for easier loading.

4. Stack the sofas vertically

Sofas and couches eat up space when they’re laid horizontally in a moving truck. If you set your sofa upright, you’ll save space for more boxes and furniture. Just make sure that you rent a truck with enough overhead to accommodate large couches.

5. Use straps to prevent shifting

All the professional packing in the world won’t prevent your items from shifting as you turn corners. Use packing straps to protect your belongings from falling over or sliding while you drive. Instead of applying straps to everything at the end, strap down certain sections individually for optimal safety and security.

Akron, OH storage units with truck rental services make it easy to transport all of your belongings at once. Moving, and especially packing, doesn’t have to feel like a chore if you have the right tools for the job. With a truck rental and some expert packing tips, you’ll load up everything without hassle and hit the road toward your destination. Call Storage Zone today and let us make your move easier.