5 Tips for Moving Safely

Back of car full of household items

Many Ohio residents prefer to move in the summer, as this time of year folks don’t have to send their children to school or deal with snowy weather. This makes it easier to leave doors open, load vehicles and embark on lengthy trips. Nonetheless, there are still many ways to get injured — so follow these easy tips from Storage Zone to help you move as safely as possible.


1. When you prepare to transport your belongings to a new home or storage rental unit, the first step is to pack boxes. Always use sturdy cartons that won’t collapse too easily. If a box weighs 45 pounds, stop adding items to it. Bend your knees when you lift heavy boxes, and don’t be afraid to ask other people for help.

2. Use an appliance dolly to carry washers, dryers, large boxes and similar objects. Remember to tightly strap each item to the hand truck. You can haul couches, recliners and dressers with a furniture dolly; it has four small wheels and a square surface. Most companies that offer storage units or truck rentals can also supply this equipment.


3. Exercise caution when driving to your new home. If you rent a moving truck, beware of low bridges, eaves, overhangs and canopies. Drive slower than usual, and leave extra braking time. Keep in mind that cargo vans and trucks have larger blind spots than other cars. When you need to back up, ask someone for assistance.


4. Check for potential dangers before anyone begins to unload your possessions. Take steps to eliminate tripping hazards, and trim any plants that encroach on walkways. If this isn’t possible, warn movers or family members about the dangers. Cover any slippery surfaces with rubber mats, and remember to wear shoes with excellent traction.

5. If you can’t immediately move your belongings to a new home, rent one or more storage units. Most lockers are designed to present as few safety hazards as possible. Nonetheless, units without climate control can become rather hot in the summer. The Ohio Department of Health recommends that you take extra breaks, drink more water and avoid caffeinated beverages while working.

When you perform any moving task, always take the time to eat nutritious meals. Remember to get plenty of sleep as well. You must remain fully alert to safely drive long distances or carry heavy objects. Keep in mind that a self storage locker can make your move less stressful and more efficient. To learn about our well-maintained storage rental facilities in Ohio, please contact us today.