5 DIY Valentine’s Gifts To Give Your Sweetheart

woman making valentines day crafts

The sweetest gifts are the ones that come from the heart. Set your DIY creativity free this Valentine’s Day by giving your loved one something unique. Akron, OH is known as the City of Invention, so gather your craft supplies, and make space for creativity to get started with these inspiring ideas.

Gift Ideas That Anyone Can Pull Off

1. Give Flowers That Never Fade

Leave the long stems for another occasion. Present your beloved with a bouquet of hand-crafted flowers created from beautifully colored fabrics and paper. Buy bulk supplies, stock up your storage unit, and turn your hobby into a profitable craft fair business.

2. Bundle Up a Basket of Favorites

Put a smile on your sweetheart’s face with a basket brimming over with their favorite things. Bring back the mixed tape sentiment with a more modern CD. Add to the entertainment with a romantic comedy for laughs. Or slip in a gift card from one of Riverfront Square’s antique stores, and share a shopping experience through Akron’s past.

3. Put Some Green in All That Red

Keep Akron green by celebrating romance with a little recycling. Redecorate old Christmas wreaths with Cupid’s touch, and give them new lives as Valentine’s Day decorations. Convert empty coffee cans into pretty presentation tins, and string stray buttons into charming bracelets.

4. Have Your Valentine and Eat It too

The homemade, heart-shaped cake is a crowd pleaser, but why wait for dessert to declare your devotion? Try sweetheart pancakes for breakfast. Grill cupid-pleasing cheese sandwiches for lunch, and finish with fun in the evening sharing a mouthwatering heart-shaped pepperoni pizza.

5. Set a Scene for Romance

Decorate your home with heart-shaped balloons floating to the ceiling or rose petals scattered across the floor. A homemade card can be the perfect final touch to the kitchen counter.

We’re Romantics Too

Whether you indulge in fine dining for two or watch the sunset at Sand Run Park, you can turn this Valentine’s Day into something really special with your DIY talent. We’re romantics too, here at Storage Zone Self Storage, so let us make sure you have plenty of space to craft your best ideas into memorable gifts. When you need the perfect storage rental here in Akron, OH, we’re happy to play matchmaker.