3 Ways To Help Your Community In The Friendly City


Warrensville Heights, OH is known at The Friendly City, and as a resident, you know just how to show off your friendliness. With the holiday season approaching, it is time to start planning how to uphold that motto by giving back to your community. What will you do this year? If you have not had time to think about it yet, here are a few friendly suggestions from Storage Zone Self Storage.

Toy Donation Drive

The holidays are a magical time for children. They create lists of their favorite toys in hopes of getting a few. However, many families simply can’t afford to buy gifts for their children. A great way to help out this holiday season is to start a toy drive. Collect extra toys from your neighbors that either don’t get played with or maybe their children have grown out of. You can place paper ads in stores and other common locations, as well. If you ask a local radio station, they may be willing to advertise your toy drive for little to no price. You can also contact the local police or fire department for suggestions about organizing a toy drive.

Charity Auction

Rally your community together to get rid of items that they are not currently using. Antiques, furniture, designer bags and jewelry are just a few suggestions. Set up a charity auction, and invite the entire community. All of the proceeds you raise can be donated to local families in need, the hospital, the police department or another local organization. Not only will your neighbors be happy to get their home or storage unit less cluttered, but those items will be going to a family that can put them to use.

Coat And Food Drive

It is hard for many families to admit that they can’t afford new coats or enough food. Local food pantries reach out to these families and provide them with the resources they need. Any time and effort you give this season will make a difference in the life of someone else. If you want to go beyond the usual canned and dry goods, talk to local grocery stores about gift certificates. This will give families a chance to buy a turkey, a ham or another item they might not otherwise receive as a donation. Another idea is to collect unused coats from community members. Since kids grow so fast, it is especially important to focus on collecting children’s coats. Most growing children need a new coat every to every other year.

Ready to get started? Or maybe you’re wondering where you will put all of these collected items. If you want to keep your household de-cluttered and your garage accessible, a convenient and easy solution for storing the items is to use a self storage unit. When it is time to transport the items to auction or to be given away, you can even take advantage of the available truck rental at the facility. Let Storage Zone help you this season. Contact us today to find the unit to perfectly suit your needs.