Kent, OH

Spend just a day in the beautiful city of Kent, OH and you’ll quickly discover why it’s called “The Tree City.” Kentites love the preserving the natural beauty in the area – but they also looked to the future with redevelopment and renewal plans that brought new life to the city.

One of those redevelopment plans includes a set of micro-apartments. And just as the name suggests, there’s not a ton of space to be had. But residents aren’t concerned because they have nearby self storage to supplement their needs. As the downtown area continues to fill with new businesses, they too look to self storage for a less expensive means to store extra inventory and supplies.

But there are not many groups of people who need storage more than college students. Known as a college town, Kent State University keeps the students in tight quarters, regardless if they’re in a dorm or their own apartment. Students save space by using nearby self storage facilities to stash their extra stuff. They also look to storage units as a temporary home for their things over the summer so they don’t have to lug it all back and forth.

Whatever your space-saving needs, self storage can solve them all. Whether you need temperature control, drive-up access or look for important security measures like gated access, Storage Zone has a solution for you. Find a unit today!