Cuyahoga Falls, OH

Originally named Manchester, Cuyahoga Falls has literally made a name for itself in Ohio. The city’s fascinating history and beautiful landscapes make it a great place to work, live, and play. Whether residents are doing just one of those things or all of the above, having a safe and secure place to store valuables is important. At Storage Zone, we have room for every storage need, giving folks more room to explore.

Having extra space lets explorers take on the terrain nestled within the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, or grow an entrepreneurial business in the downtown district. We have room for big items like RVs or boats, or small items like important files and extra inventory. Students navigating their way through Cuyahoga Community College let Storage Zone be their solution to getting them through those big transitions, like moving out of a dorm, upgrading to an apartment, or going back home for the summer.

Wherever or whatever the destination, Storage Zone wants to help along the way. We can even help with the smaller details like moving supplies and moving truck rental. And while creating adventure, journeys and taking next steps, know that the valuables stored with us are watched over by an on-site manager and 24-hour video security recording. Give us a call today to find a storage unit!